Our state-of-the-art box office system has been designed to connect you with tickets to the best shows in the region. On this page, you’ll find helpful hints and tips to make your ticket purchase quick and easy along with information on how to reach our Patron Services team.  

Ticket Buying Tips:

  • You’ll have ten (10) minutes to complete your purchase once you select your seats and ticket products.
  • It is very important to use your correct and current billing address.  Failure to use the correct billing address can lead to a temporary pending charge on your account.  Please note that pending charges on failed transactions typically clear within one or two days.  
  • Do not use multiple tabs in your browser window while making your ticket purchase. Having multiple tabs open in your browser may cause your tickets to be released.
  • While placing your order, make sure you click “ADD TO CART” before clicking any other links in your browser. If you haven’t clicked “ADD TO CART” then your tickets are automatically released.
  • Ask for HELP! Our Box Office team can be reached by calling 256-241-3322 or by email:

An Important Message about Credit Card Transactions

Why is my card being DECLINED? Please note a “declined” transaction on your purchase is the result of one of two reasons:

1. Your bank has declined your card due to a problem with your account such as insufficient funds. If you feel your card was declined in error you will need to contact your bank to verify your account information.

2. Your Card was flagged with an Address Verification System (AVS) Mismatch and the credit card processing system has “denied” your transaction. An AVS Mismatch is the result of an inconsistency in the billing address associated with the credit card, (the billing address your credit card company or bank has on file) and the billing address information you have provided in the checkout process.

Please be aware that if your card was declined due to an AVS Mismatch, your bank has still approved you for the purchase, pending confirmation by the Box Office system. If you were declined, our system will automatically reject the confirmation, and the pending charges will be released by your bank in a matter of days. This process is a solely a bank procedure and not within our control. We are not permitted to contact banking institutions to request the release of a pending/held charges. 

Note: If you have been declined due to an AVS Mismatch we strongly suggest that you verify your billing information with your bank before attempting a new purchase as each attempt may still be approved by your bank, pending our confirmation and affect the available balance of your account.
Please note that in order for your purchase to be approved, your Billing Street Address and Zip Code must match your address on your credit card statement exactly.