Our Team


  • John Longshore, Executive Director
  • Chase Spears, Executive Assistant


  • Crystal Hancock, Director of Development
  • Ben Barnwell, Associate Director of Development for Donor Relations
  • Doug Grove, Associate Director of Development for Grants
  • Amy Sims, Patron Concierge Manager

Marketing & Programming

  • CJ Foster, Director of Marketing & Programming
  • Brett Barnwell, Marketing Coordinator
  • Eli Pruett, Marketing Assistant


  • Chase Greene, Technical Director
  • Cody Staeck, Assistant Technical Director
  • Daniel O'Donnell, Head Lighting Technician
  • Christian Watts, Head Audio Technician
  • Brian Jones, Production Technician
  • Michael Rettell, Production Technician

Arts Education

  • Julio Barreto, Director of Music Education
  • Amanda Wentzel, Martin-Lett Gallery Director

Ticketing & Guest Services

  • Madison Craft, Director of Ticketing & Guest Services
  • Dalton Busby, Ticket Agent
  • Molly Childers, Ticket Agent
  • Lauren Gamble, Ticket Agent
  • Marc Webb, House Manager


  • Bob Lusk, Artist Hospitality
  • Deysi Molock, Facilities Assistant
  • Joy Sees, Facilities Manager
  • Lydia Snyder, Hospitality Manager

Advisory Board of Directors

  • Dr. Patrick Bernardi
  • Mayor Alton Craft
  • Mrs. Marilyn Lipscomb-Clark
  • Mrs. Cheryl Potts
  • Mr. Danny Shears
  • Mr. Greg Turner



To contact a member of our staff, please email to info @ oxfordpac.org for directory assistance.