An important message regarding Season Ticket delivery

Aug 1, 2017

Dear Patrons,

This upcoming season at OPAC has already broken our previous records in terms of sales of both season and individual tickets.  In fact, we have mailed well over 16,000 tickets beginning in mid-June.  Unfortunately, we have experienced a number of challenges with delivery related to issues with the postal service.  In one instance, a patron received a severely damaged envelope in the mail which was missing several tickets.  Other patrons never received their orders despite OPAC having accurate "proof of mailing" records and receipts.  While we are aware of several problems with deliveries this year, we are grateful that the overwhelming majority of patrons received their complete orders in a timely fashion.

Please know that we apologize for any issues related to ticket orders, even those outside of our control.  We link a patron name to each ticket to ensure that only the purchaser of the ticket is able to use them.  If you have yet to receive your tickets by mail or have a problem with your order, please click the button below request new tickets.  While the form is the recommended method, you may also call our Box Office team at 256-241-3322.  As always, our team is eager to assist with any matters related to your enjoyment of our performances.  

Request New Tickets

Thank you,

John Longshore
Executive Director
Oxford Performing Arts Center