The Ghosts of OPAC

A Ghostly Behind-The-Scenes Tour Experience

Event Details

Join us for a journey behind-the-scenes with a “balcony to backstage” tour that will focus on OPAC’s ghostly guests, eternal inmates, and supernatural school-house souls.  Our venue’s long history began in 1921 when the building opened as school house.  In the early 1950’s the building became the City Hall, police station, and jail.  Today, it houses a magnificent theatre.  On your ghost tour, almost 100 years of history collide as we seek to answer some genuinely creepy questions. 

Who was the man seen floating above the catwalk?  Does the ghost of the former principle still roam the halls?  Why does the ghost of Little Annie slam doors late at night?  And did former inmate, Charles, ever make his escape or is he behind bars at OPAC forever?  Learn the theatre’s secrets and history during this family-friendly experience. 

The forty-five minute tour kicks off in the Grand Lobby and does include climbing stairs and extended periods of standing.  Doors open fifteen minutes prior to tour time.  Not recommended for ages eleven and under as certain elements may be a bit too spooky.  Please note that event is a historical walking tour with the potential for ghostly encounters and is not a traditional haunted house attraction. 


$15 – Includes Spooky Snacks and a Ghoulish Gift at the end of the tour. 

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