Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

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Inside an old trunk in Grandma's attic, Jesse and Bobby find an ancient Egyptian amulet. A famed Egyptologist, Grandma had dozens of jorunals about Egypt tucked away, too. But what is the meaning of the hieroglyphs inscribed on the amulet, or the scribled notes found in those journals? Before they know it, the children are magically transported back to ancient Egypt in 620 BC where they meet Sema-tawy-tefnakht, a scribe to King Psamtik I. With his guidance, our two heroes unravel their mystery. Algon the way they meet King Psamtik I and his daughter the Princess Nitocris. Jesse and Bobby travel with the Princess and the scribe on their fateful journey up the Nile to Thebes. Eventually, Sema-tawy-tefnakht and his Egyptian friends help Jesse and Bobby find their way home.

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