Behind The Scenes Tours

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Dive into the captivating world behind the curtains with our free Behind the Scenes tours at the Oxford Performing Arts Center! These tours offer an exclusive look at the complex production systems that breathe life into every performance. You’ll gain insight into the meticulous processes of our Production Department, where creativity meets functionality to set spectacular scenes and host dynamic artists. Explore our cutting-edge lighting systems that illuminate each performance with precision and our advanced sound technology that ensures every note hits perfectly in the audience.

Perfect for theater enthusiasts, aspiring artists, tech geeks, and anyone curious about the mechanics of live entertainment, these tours demystify the technical wizardry and artistic ingenuity that make the magic happen. Whether you’re interested in the technical details or the creative process, our Behind the Scenes tours provide a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Join us to see how we merge technology and art to deliver unforgettable performances at the Oxford Performing Arts Center. Sign up for a tour today and step into the fascinating world that operates beyond the spotlight!

Know Before You Go!

  • Capacity is limited
  • Tours last approximately 50 minutes to 70 minutes, depending on group size.  
  • The tour is ADA accessible.
  • A Free Ticket reservation must be made in advance.  


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