OPAC’s theatre arts division provides arts experiences for youth and their families through learning, play, and creation.


In partnership with the Oxford City Schools and the Oxford Public Library, Foothills enters a year-long curriculum event in 2021/2022 called Creating Stages. Every area 4th grader will work alongside a published author, national playwright, and theatre professionals to create a devised theatre production and learn creative and playwriting, theatre production, and acting.

Foothills sends teaching artists and actors to 3 area non-profits on a weekly basis to incorporate music and theatre enrichment into their programs. This includes work with seniors, preschoolers, and adults with special needs.

Springboarding from a banner inaugural season, Foothills brings back its youth tour to regional schools, libraries, community centers, and the stages at OPAC. A four-show series will feature mice rocketing to the moon, a cozy house in the forest, a school full of polka-dot children, and a mischievous puppy dog named Charlie!

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 1.52.40 PM.pngMolly Page

Artistic Director

Foothills Stage Company

Our Mission

Foothills Stage Company is a theatrical platform for collaborative expression and artistic learning. We seek to engage audiences with stories that:

  • Innovate theatrically
  • Inspire creative conversation
  • Illuminate the human experience